Inaugural Stanford Ignite batch creating waves in the Valley!

We were honored to be featured by the Stanford press! Brooke Donald from Stanford news approached the Vorkspace team, interested to find out what the alumni of the inaugural Ignite batch were up to.

The discussion with Brooke was extremely fun, as we reflected upon how much each of our lives have changed drastically ever since January 2013, when we embarked on the new journey called Ignite. As Cynthia mentioned in the interview, “I learned so much I can’t believe it was only nine weeks. It felt like nine months.” We chatted about the truckload of things we learnt, the surprises along the way, and all the friends we made. None of us ever expected things to turn out the way they would — in amazing ways, of course. And that did not end after 9 weeks of the course. That was, in fact, the real beginning of what would happen.

Check us out at the Stanford News website. ^_^


The Vorkspace Song

The Vorkspace song:

Vorkspace: Workspace of the future!

Team collaboration

Constant communication

Seamless file sharing

Social interaction

Vorkspace: Workspace of the future!

No commute hours

Work from anywhere

All on the same page

Hire from anywhere

Vorkspace: Workspace of the future!

V! V is for Vorkspace

Vorkspace: Workspace of the future!