Road to stardom — in 6 words!

Inspired by Smith Magazine’s 6 word memoirs, we decided to play a game with our friends at the recent Igniters meetup. It was a chance to reflect upon the people we work with every day, the people that share our dream, the people who live and breathe the same startup that will bring us to stardom.

This is how we describe our Vorkspace team:



Everyone was extremely excited, and eager to share their 6 words with the people seated around them. Some hot favourite 6-word phrases also won prizes! But we were reluctant to let all these other awesome 6 words go into hiding. They were too good not to be shared with everyone! So here are some of the best ones we received:

On Team:

“Just the beginning, but let’s go!” — David Goodall, World Financial Group

“Always put postponing off till tomorrow!” — Rama, (Winner)

“Random inspirations searching for flawless execution” — Juanri (Winner)

“Small, but fun to work with” — Anonymous

“Doing it because it is hard” — Anonymous

“What did we decide last time?” — Anil, InstaMenu

“Ask for advice, get money twice” — Stan,

“Crazy, smart, and just crazy enough” — Joshua Lichtman, Elias Lab (Twitter Winner)

“Do everything with nothing, rinse, repeat” — Tom Brennan, Acme Data

“A ragtag team of game developers” — Jeff & Emma Sulm, Redshift Interactive

“We live and breathe new music” — Priya Shekar, Shazam 

“Driven, innovative, resourceful, committed, sacrificing, outward” — John Recendez, 101 Voice

“High efficiency, diverse, hard to decide” — Jorlen Li, EVA Team

“Save people one at a time!” — Walter Lee, No More Stroke

On Startup:

“Want a job? Call me ASAP” — Shailesh Date, (Winner)

“Rookies who solve world water shortage” — Alan Luo, Pure Blue Tech

“Games are huge. So is education” — Brice Morrison, The Game Prodigy

“Simplify your company’s story through video” — Dan Morrison, danmoco

“Preemptive genetic testing for online dating” — Michael Bajcsy & Lennon Lee, PainWise

“Change how people see at night” — Barry Burr, Beams Lighting

“Crowd source knowledge for busy professionals” — Suyash, GIST

Are you now inspired to think of how you can describe your startup team in 6 words? Share it with us on Twitter!

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How to Get 200+ Media Outlets in 21 Countries to Love Your Startup

The Vorkspace team also has a meetup group called “Igniters”, which gathers a strong community of Stanford entrepreneurs and Silicon valley founders. We had our inaugural session on 2nd May 2013, where we had James Kennedy of to speak about growth hacking: how to capture our first 1000 customers. That was extremely useful for all founders of early stage startups that were present at the event, for many successful stories speak about how they grow their businesses to the millions, but seldom describe their strategy to get their earliest adopters that built their brand and traction. Yossi Feinberg, Professor of economics from Stanford Graduate School of Business, was also present at the event to give us support. It was a complete sell out of 114 attendees, with a majority signing up within the first 2 days of announcing the event!

Yesterday, the Igniters met for the second time, and we had Ben Kaplan from PR Hacker teaching us PR hacking: the best ways to reach out to 200+ media across 21 countries. It was, once again, a full house. Ben was a very engaging speaker who “lit up the audience”, as we quote one of the attendees. Not only did he describe how best to successfully engage the media, but also discussed how to strategize between using press releases and live media. As a bonus, a handful of fortunate startups were also selected to go through “lightning pitches” where Ben, together with the audience, came up with 3-5 quick ideas on how to market the startups.

We have a great line up of many more speakers. Keep a lookout for our future events, or join our Igniter meetup group to receive announcements on our upcoming activities!

Ben Kaplan is a rare “quadruple threat” PR and media expert:  Over the course of his 15-year career in the media, he has been featured on 2,000 TV and radio shows (such as Oprah and Good Morning America), served as a media spokesperson for major brands (such as Dr. Pepper and Discover Card), founded a boutique PR firm (with clients like Citibank and Sallie Mae), and worked as a syndicated columnist and commentator (including columns for The New York Times and TIME). Ben is also a best-selling author, acclaimed public speaker, and the creator of the “PR Hacker Toolbox” — a turnkey do-it-yourself system that helps any start-up generate massive media and PR coverage.  As a true media superstar, Ben continues to garner amazing media coverage each and every day, and has helped hundreds of other companies do it, too.

James is Founder and “growth hacker” at  James has founded a number of bootstrapped, profitable businesses specializing in creating online marketplaces. He left his native Ireland four years ago and has since been living the life of an ‘international vagabond’ across three continents (Latin America, South Africa and Europe), all while building his business. He has developed a wealth of experience in the online marketing and customer development space. James has a computer science degree from the University of Dublin.