How to reach out to half a million potential customers a month?

It was our biggest sell out so far! With almost 150 attendees squeezed into a tiny room, we could see the power of Neil Patel. Everyone was so eager to meet him and listen to his expert opinions on content marketing! It was extremely packed, but we had a great time learning from Neil Patel, interacting with the inspiring audience, and networking over a wide spread of food, drinks, beer and wine!


Our 5 takeaways from Neil’s session:

  1. The first social media real estate to invest in is a blog. Content marketing is the strongest marketing tool you can find online. And a blog is the best way to make use of that. Blog about relevant content, and know how the search engines work. Second up would be twitter and facebook, because everyone tweets and has a facebook account. A strong validation is that all tech-savvy businesses also use twitter and facebook. LinkedIn and pinterest, on the other hand, are last on the list. Their user base is not as wide as blogs (which reach out to everyone using the internet), nor comparable to twitter and facebook (not limited to age and career).

  2. Create content that teaches. That is what your customers are interested in. That is what would keep them engaged. That is what will bring your customers coming back for repeated visits. Don’t be just a news channel, bringing the latest news to your readers. These news become old, and people will lose interest in it. They will stop drawing new readers and new customers once they become outdated. However, great content survives the test of time. It is always useful for the reader, and thus can continue to attract new readers, consistently bringing in more customers over time. For example, instead of blogging about the newest and fastest computer model that was recently released, blog about 10 ways that one can increase work efficiency. Delight your readers with what you write. Become an expert in the topic you are teaching, gain respect from your customers, and you will in turn receive love and loyalty from them.

  3. Be consistently awesome. Face it. Customers are human, and critical ones at that. If you write one bad blog entry or one that offends anyone, you lose those who read it, and you potentially lose more who heard from those who didn’t like it. Each and every one of these are your customers and your revenue source. You cannot afford to lose any of them, so don’t think about putting out substandard products. There is no slacking allowed. No excuses. Be consistently awesome.

  4. Every single blog entry should be targeted at your customers. Don’t blog about random things. But don’t pitch your product at every single blog post either. No one likes super pushy marketers. Instead, you want to blog about items that matter to your customers, problems that they face, and solutions that would help them. These can and should also include solutions that your product does not provide. For example, if your customers are blogshop owners, you can blog about topics such as website management, how to increase conversion per click, fashion trends, photography skills for blogs, consumer demographics and the like.

  5. Do not crowdsource blog posts. Your blog should be one, integrated product. It is a standalone brand on its own, and should not be a mix of styles. Crowdsourcing blog posts could increase creativity and may be less work on your part to maintain a blog, but everyone has a writing style that is different. You want to stay away from that inconsistency. Create a strong and clear brand. Your blog branding is just as important as your product branding, because that’s what many of your customers see before they see your product.

View Neil’s slides here

Besides the session with Neil Patel, we had a matchmaking session with all attendees too! Knowing that sometimes the networking sessions are not as effective as we want them to be, we wanted to help our attendees meet the right people in the shortest time possible. We thus had everyone think of 3 things they “can do/can offer”, and 3 things they “need/are looking for”. For example, “expert in content marketing, need help in graphic design”. They then submitted their entries either on hard copy on via twitter #IgniterMatch @vorkspace. We looked at them, and created successful matches for over a third of the submissions, with some receiving multiple matches! 🙂 Check out some entries on #IgniterMatch, or put up your own with “#IgniterMatch @vorkspace” and we will help do the matchmaking for you! 🙂


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  1. The Legendary Neil Patel! – Vorkspace: Work Anywhere

  2. The Legendary Neil Patel! —

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